Advanced Ecological Monitoring Program

The Advanced Ecological Monitoring Program certification is a prestigious certification course for students seeking to gain knowledge and practice in a multitude of research techniques and demonstrate exceptional skill in performing reef surveys and data collection. This certification recognizes your commitment to coral reef monitoring and research and takes several weeks to achieve.



  • Learn and practice a variety of marine research techniques, including but not limited to; water quality testing, fragment/recruitment surveys, coral size class surveys, reef surveys using a quadrant, photo documentation, underwater photogrammetry, tracking growth rates, monitoring coral health, and more
  • Successfully conducted various survey techniques and data collection protocols
  • Enter data into our existing databases and understand how that data in analyzed and reported


  • Attend all knowledge development presentations included in the courses listed above as well as the Advanced Ecological Monitoring Program lecture
  • Read and complete the chapter reviews for chapters 9-10 of the Ecological Monitoring Program manual
  • Complete and pass all the written exams for the courses listed above (80% and above)
  • Perform at least one Compromised Coral Health survey or Coral Bleaching Survey

Certification Card

Training Centers

Published papers and reports derived through the teaching of this course