A Conservation Diver Trainer is an elite status for those who are already involved in the fields related to marine conservation, protection, and restoration. It is a way to increase your level of skills and training, add value to the programs you are already conducting, and increase the value and available courses that you offer to your students and customers. This is NOT a course to pad your diving resume. If you are looking to learn more, increase your skills, or learn more about the reef environment in order to be a better ambassador for the divers you teach then please see our student level programs.

We receive many inquires regarding becoming a Conservation Diver Trainer by SCUBA Diving instructors who are used to the systems of the world’s leading SCUBA certification agencies. Mostly notably a system were anybody can sign up and pay their fees and be virtually guaranteed to become an instructor, and are also given the ability to teach courses for which they have very little qualifications or training for (in the cases of some courses, it requires no training to teach and certify students). This is not the model we follow.

Our Conservation Diver trainers are generally people who have already been certified in some of our student level courses, or have participated in an internship and shown exceptional skill levels and dedication to our goals and programs. It is very rare that we would consider somebody for an instructor course who has not already completed some of our programs.

Other prerequisites for becoming a Conservation Diver Trainer include:

  • Being a certified SCUBA Diving Instructor
  • Holding at least a Master’s Degree in related field
  • Already being involved or have some experience in marine conservation related topics
  • Plans to start your own conservation training center

If you feel you do fit these requirements, then please get in touch with us at info@conservationdiver.com