EMP Trainer


  • Professional divemaster or above

This is our first Trainer level, and it will equip you with the skills required to manage and teach our Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) in your area. The training for this course usually follows the demonstration of proficiency in the student-level course. Those who already have experience working in diving professionally and/or underwater monitoring will have an advantage here as much of the assessment is based on the ability to manage and organize the in-water monitoring protocols for a transect line survey. The academic portion the EMP course is lighter compared to our further courses, but we expect Trainers to be able to talk around topics, provide in-depth knowledge where required, and install passion into their students.

This Trainer level is ideal for someone looking to set a certain monitoring standard for their students/centers and who is looking to begin an EMP in their region.

Instructor Trainer


  • Professional dive instructor or a divemaster who has 5+ years of experience

These trainers are usually Program Director/Owners of a marine conservation program with proven proficiency in teaching, experience with publishing scientific papers and developing research opportunities.

If, after reading the above, you are in agreement that the rigor in which we choose our trainers is in line with setting a high standard for marine conservation and scientific diver training worldwide and feel that you could be part of our network, then please get in touch with as at: info@conservationdiver.com

Specialty Trainer

The step between EMP Trainer and Specialty is a large one. The Trainers must demonstrate a deep understanding of our various monitoring, restoration, or protection processes that are being applied to their region of the world.

Specialty Trainer status will be given when you can train students in 5 courses or when you have developed at least one unique course with Conservation Diver, for which you will continue to be our in-house expert and course moderator.

Master Trainer

This status is achieved once you have been signed off to teach 10 courses or when you are a Specialty Trainer who has achieved Program Manager level within a marine conservation program, whose conservation and research outputs have been reviewed by Conservation Diver.