Research Assistant

The Research Assistant certification is the highest achievement a student at Conservation Diver can attain. It signifies a level of dedication and passion for research and conservation efforts and is awarded to those who have dedicated their time and effort to become a valued team member of one of our Training Centers.

This is not a course in the traditional sense but represents the awards status given to our high achieving interns.

Gain mentorship and training in marine conservation and research skills.

Join an innovative team to deliver impactful conservation projects and research.

Enhance your academic profile and career prospects with comprehensive support.

Receive career guidance, a recommendation letter, and CV enhancement.

Program Eligibility and Requirements

In order to apply for a Research Assistant internship, you must have completed the majority of the student level courses at Conservation Diver or have the equivalent practical fields skills to conduct such research.

Role Summary

  • Indirectly supervise new students during the restoration and research diving activities
  • Prepare conservation equipment for the day (ie. slates, pencils, tools, reels, etc)
  • Encourage productive discussion during group activities
  • Assist on the dive boat with equipment set-up and perform a pre-dive safety checks and carried out by divers
  • Help to clean and put away the equipment after the dive
  • Enter data collected
  • Assist with after dive activities, including but not limited to: artificial reef construction, cleaning
  • Manage beach clean up programs
  • Complete an independent conservation or research initiative which includes written report or presentation

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