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Coral Reef Research and Monitoring

Coral reef ecology

Coral Reef Ecology and Monitoring

An introduction to coral reefs, marine organisms, and monitoring techniques

coral monitoring

The Ecological Monitoring Program

Our comprehensive coral reef monitoring course for fish, invertebrates, corals, and more.

*our most popular course*

ecological monitoring

Advanced Ecological Monitoring Program

A prestigious certification for those with advanced knowledge and skills in marine research and monitoring,

Coral Restoration Theory and Techniques

Coral Restoration Theory and Techniques

Introduction to the theories and techniques of coral reef restoration

Artificial Reef

Artificial Reef Theory and Techniques

Building and maintaining artificial reefs as part of a restoration program


Mineral Accretion Device Basics and Techniques

How to build and maintain mineral accretion devices (electrified artificial reefs)

Spawning and Larval Culturing

Coral Spawning and Larval Culturing Program

Using coral larvae to produce restoration feedstocks with greater resilience and genetic diversity

Hard Corals

coral ID

Coral Taxonomy and Identification

Learn about coral anatomy, taxonomy, and identification

coral disease

Coral Disease Monitoring and Identification

How to identify, assess, and monitor coral diseases and compromised health states

Reef Protection

Mooring Lines

Mooring Line Maintenance and Installations

Marine zoning theory and how to install and maintain mooring lines

Monitoring & Conserving Other Reef Organisms

Sea Turtle monitoring

Sea Turtle Ecology and Monitoring Program

Sea turtle ecology, identification, monitoring, and tracking techniques.

sea turtle restoration

Sea Turtle Hatchery and Head-Starting Programs

Sea Turtle protection, hatcheries, rehabilitation, head-starting, and other conservation techniques

giant clam nursery

Giant Clam Nurseries and Population Studies

Assessing and restoring populations of giant clams

coral predators

Coral Predator Population Monitoring and Management

monitoring and managing populations of coral predators such as Crown of Thorns Sea Stars and Drupella snails.


Nudibranch Ecology and Identification

Nudibranch biology and ecology, as well as identification and monitoring.


Shark Ecology and Population Studies

Biology, ecology, assessing and monitoring populations of sharks.

sea horses

Seahorse Ecology and Monitoring

How to identify and monitoring populations of sea horses, as well as conduct benthic surveys

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