Training the NEXT generation of marine conservationists

Coral reefs are among the planet’s oldest, most productive, and most diverse ecosystems. But, they are also one of the most threatened. Reefs around the globe are declining at an alarming rate, and although the problems have been well documented for over 50 years, not enough has been done to protect and conserve our planet’s oceans. Our aim is to not rely solely on governments to solve these problems, but to increase the capacity and skillsets of local managers and divers around the globe to empower a new generation of action oriented conservationists. Through training courses we are giving people from many different backgrounds the knowledge to initiate action, and through our networks helping those who want to make a difference join up and realize their goals.

What we do
Training and Certifications

We offer a full range of training and certifications related to marine research, protection, restoration, and conservation.

Career Headstart

A network of conservation centers offers assistance in finding internships, jobs, and other educational opportunities.

Educational and Training Materials

We provide manuals, books, underwater ID slates, and other educational materials- to be used during our courses, or independently.

Read about our activities
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Meet some of our trainers
George Bevan

George is a Conservation Diver instructor and board member, he is also the owner of Azul Conservation in Nicaragua

Leon Haines

Leon Haines is a Conservation Diver Instructor and the director of Conservation Diver Indonesia at Blue Marlin Gili Air

Kirsty Magson

Kirsty is certified to teach all of the courses offered by Conservation Diver. Kirsty has been a Conservation Diver Trainer since 2015, and offers courses in English.