Coral Taxonomy and Identification


Be certified as an advanced diver under a leading diving organization (PADI, SSI, RAID, etc)

Demonstrate proper diving ability at an Advanced Level and be proficient in buoyancy and self-awareness.

Complete the substrate survey of the Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Program



  • Be familiar with coral anatomy and skeletal morphology, in particular, the diagnostic features used in identification
  • Understand the taxonomic system and organization for classifying hard corals
  • Learn the names of coral families and genera, and tricks to remember the Latin names



  • Attend 1 Coral Taxonomy and Identification lecture
  • Practice identifying corals on land with the EMP book or CoralFinder Guide (By BYO Guides), using specimens
  • Perform 1 survey dive specifically taking data on coral genera (can either be the EMP substrate dive, coral disease survey, or a special dive to ID corals)
  • Be able to accurately identify at least 10 of the most common coral genera to the region
  • Complete the final quiz


Expected course time about 8 hours


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