Where can I take Conservation Diver Courses?

Conservation Diver courses are taught by any of our active and certified instructors. These courses can be taught by the instructors anywhere they are currently residing, however the best place to get trained is at one of our certification centers located in various regions around the globe.

What do the certifications allow me to do?

Our conservation certifications are proof that you have completed the theory and practical skill development pertaining to the courses we offer. These certifications also allow you to travel to other Conservation Diver training centers and participate on ongoing research and restoration projects without having to pay for additional training.

When can I start my course?

Our courses are taught by the instructors and at the training centers. Each training center has their own schedules and course start dates, and you can contact them directly for more information.

How much do courses cost?

Our courses are taught by the conservation training centers. Each one is independently owned and sets their own prices, so please contact them for more details.

Will my certification be recognized by Non-Conservation Diver centers?

The goal of our programs are primarily to provide you with the knowledge and practical skill development in various topics regarding marine conservation and research. It is the course material that is most valuable, rather then the certification cards.
Our system differs from the standard dive certifications that customers may be familiar with, in which you are basically just purchasing cards that require very little real training. For example, the Underwater Photography course offered by many leading dive organizations is a very popular card, however to teach that course dive instructors do not need any formal training in underwater photography, nor do they have to prove competence in underwater photography before teaching the course. this is the same with most specialty courses, and you are paying more for the card then the training.
At our program, we focus on the training – instructors generally have a university degree in the field, and have undergone several months of training and internships to prove that they are highly skilled in all areas of our programs, demonstrating their ability to teach them effectively. For those looking to collect certification cards, our programs may not be the best fit, however those more concerned about the actual training will find our programs to be very valuable in jump-starting your career or interests in marine conservation.

After I am certified, can I teach these programs?

Our certifications prove that you have completed the required minimum standards for knowledge and practical skill developments to achieve the recognition status. They do not allow you to teach the courses. If you wish to teach the courses then you must undertake an internship and complete the requirements to become a conservation diver certified instructor.

I am a dive instructor already, do I really need to participate in an internship to teach your courses?

Yes, it is our goal to raise the standards of the marine conservation industry – we are all about quality over quantity. As such, we are not eager to add new trainers to our program. Furthermore, it is much easier for us to teach a scientist to SCUBA dive then teach a SCUBA Diver the fundamentals of science.
Our programs are not focused on facilitating SCUBA Instructors to add to their CVs/resumes, but is instead focused on adding value to existing marine conservation centers or facilitating dedicated individuals at starting their own training centers or marine conservation programs.

What other help do you provide to new marine conservationists

Our goal is to be adaptive to the needs of our members and trainers, this can translate to a variety of roles depending upon their individualized needs. After training, this may include such services as providing data or equipment, assisting in student or grant acquisition, publication of scientific papers, networking, fundraising, and much more. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will be happy to see how we can help.

Do I need to be a SCUBA Diver already to start Conservation Diver Courses?

Yes, because we are working closely with a delicate ecosystem, self awareness and buoyancy control underwater are key. A prerequisite to all of our courses is that you are certified as an advanced level diver before beginning. However, learning to dive is something we can readily get you involved in. Most of our trainers are also dive instructors, and work out of diving centers that offer beginner diving courses. Furthermore, all of our training centers are operated out of dive schools. If you are already interested in science and conservation then learning to dive is the easy part.