Mangrove Reforestation & Monitoring

Mangroves are a critical habitat of tropical coasts’ liminal/intertidal zone. These ecosystems provide critical environmental services, such as pelagic and reef fish nurseries, shoreline protection, carbon sequestration, and nutrient cycling. Unfortunately, more than a third of the world’s mangroves have already been lost and are declining at a rate of about 1-2% per year.

Our course provides students with an overview of the most up-to-date and scientifically proven restoration methods and gives participants a hands-on opportunity to assist in their reforestation.


None (this course is open to non-divers)


  • Understand the role mangrove play in a coastal ecosystem
  • Learn about the mangrove coverage in the local region and the threats they are facing
  • Understand the biological features of mangrove forests and zonation
  • Understand the biota within a mangrove forest
  • Understand the vital functions of a mangrove forest and the cause/effects of the threats they are facing
  • Understand how to stop mangrove destruction and what active steps are required for reforestation


  • Attend the practical session to understand the steps required for reforestation using mangrove nurseries
  • Learn how to collect and handle seedlings
  • Learn how to monitor density, biodiversity and growth/deforestation rates of mangrove forests
  • Complete e-Learning

Expected course time is about 4 hours

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