Launching July 2023!

North Bali Reef Conservation is an Indonesian NGO located in the small fishing village of Tianyar. Due to irresponsible fishing, construction and human behaviors, the reef in this area was almost destroyed. The program was set up in 2017 in order to urgently restore and conserve the remaining coral and to provide alternative, sustainable employment to the local community. The reefs in Tianyar have the potential to return to being a healthy and highly diverse ecosystem.

The focus of the program has been restoration, sinking 1000’s of artificial reefs since commencing their work. They also have an onsite sea turtle hatchery help to protect local nesting areas and helping to restore local population.

Conservation Diver will be joining forces with North Bali Reef Conservation along with their sister program, Bali Conservation Diving to incorporate our courses into their current program and to expand their conservation offering. The following courses will be on offer:

For more information:

Instagram: @north_bali_reef_conservation

Facebook: North Bali Reef Conservation