Bali Conservation Diving (BCD) is located in Tulamben, in the North-East of Bali. This locally owned diving resort is focused on monitoring and restoring the reef ecosystem, in order to become the central hub for marine conservation efforts in the area.

By becoming a Conservation Diver Training center, BCD is equipped to training students in a number of conservation disciplines. The marine conservation program runs from February to December, Friday through Monday with Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday free for travelling and exploring the local area and reefs.

The minimum stay for this program is 1 week, which includes the certification of our Coral Reef Ecology & Monitoring course. This will introduce students to the basic scientific diving skills and understanding of the reef ecosystem in order to partake in program activities.

Please find the Program Handbook here.

Students who choose not to continue with the Conservation Diver curriculum can then continue to partake in the programs restoration efforts by deploying artificial reefs and monitoring the coral and fish communities developing on the artificial reef aggregations as part of the programs long term research studies.

Those who wish to further develop their learning and understanding can complete the full Ecological Monitoring Program


Introduction to reef monitoring helping students to build the foundational knowledge required to become active members of the marine conservation community.


Then open the doors to our wider portfolio of conservation diving activities which include:

Coral Restoration Theory & Techniques

Learn about the different types of restoration techniques and partake in coral transplanting and gardening activities.


Artificial Reef Theory & Techniques

Understand different Artificial Reef strategies as well as the safe construction, deployment and design considerations.


Nudibranch Ecology & ID

Discover more about sea slugs and learn how to spot and identify them in some of the more diverse dive sites on the planet.


Coral Taxonomy & Identification

Further enhance your monitoring skills and help to collect important data on coral species biodiversity in order to better understand the reef ecosystem.


Sea Turtle Hatchery & Head-starting Programs

Gain the skills required to work at a sea turtle hatchery including egg collection techniques, nest building, incubation management and release protocols


Coral Predators: Population Monitoring & Management

Learn about monitoring outbreaks of corallivores and how to manage them within a conservation program.


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Facebook: Bali Conservation Diving