Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, we know that many kids are stuck at home, and many parents are stuck trying to come up with fun and education activities for them. Well, we are here to help here is a fun TV game show style quiz that you can enjoy with the whole family. To get started:

1) Get your family together, and designate one person as the hist and the rest as participants

2) Give each participant a score card

3) Click on this link to download the game, click “Open in Google Sheets” or download and open with powerpoint. Click “start slideshow” ( or F5 on your keyboard)

4) Decide who starts. they will select a column and a value, like in Jeopardy

5) The ‘host’ will read the question allowed, and the participant will guess the answer.

6) Click to advance to the answer

7) If the answer was guessed correctly, then the participant gets the points indicated.

8) click on the Home Screen icon in the lower right

9) Let the next participant choose a question

10) keep track of the points earned, and the person with the highest score at the end wins!