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Conservation Diver is announcing funding opportunities for participants of our instructor training program to take place at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program in Thailand during the 2020-2021 season. These marine conservation scholarships will be directed towards individuals seeking to start or advance a career in a field related to marine research, restoration, or protection.

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What is the scholarship for?

This is a funding opportunity for anyone out there looking to further their career in marine conservation, which is supported in part through our reef scouts program. With this scholarship, you will be enrolled in an intensive internship/training program that will teach you everything you need to know to not only conduct Conservation Diver programs, but to certify students in our courses. After completing this internship, it is expected that you will go on to either work at one of our existing training centers, or to create your own. If you are already doing marine conservation projects, then this can be a way for you to gain additional skills and knowledge, broaden your network of collaborators, and implement new funding mechanisms to your established reef managemnet program.

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Who is Eligible?

Ideal applicants will already be involved in or have some education or training history in a related field, or have a unique skill which they can use to advance the goals of Conservation Diver (ie. engineering, computer science, marketing, etc). Applicants who will most likely be chosen will be of one of the three following categories:

  • Somebody already involved in marine conservation, looking to expand their programs and create new funding mechanisms to sustain their on-going projects.
  • A past Conservation Diver student or intern wanting to start their own coral reef management program or CD training center where one does not currently exist
  • Somebody wanting to join the CD training team at an established training center

Marine Conservation Scholarship details

This is a one time marine conservation scholarship opportunity, applicants will be required to pay for their own travel, accommodation, and food while taking part in the training program. Winners will receive:

Ready to apply?

Fill out this form to apply, if you would also like to send in your CV or other supplemental information that may help us make our decision, you may email it to If you have questions pertaining to the actual program in Thailand (accommodation, travel, visas, etc) you may contact

Good luck from all of us at Conservation Diver, we look forward to having you on our team!