UV-vis spectral data for selected DTTs are compiled in Table 6. The n transitions → π∗ in mother DTD (1) and benzo DT (2) were calculated using an ab initio method (06JPC(A)9145). The linear dependence between the color properties and ionization potentials of DTT 12, 13, its cyclohepta counterpart and 87 has been confirmed (09MI4, 11MI2). The solvatochromism of 5-butylthio-DTT (58c) and 5-methyl-DTT complex 101c (see below, Figure 24) was measured and correlated with calculated parameters; the influence of micelle-forming surfactants has been studied (08JPO1007). NMR and mass spectroscopic data from several analogues of mitomycin C (144) 〈85JOC3791, 85JOC3797〉 and apomitomycin derivatives (145) provided sufficient evidence for structural elucidation 〈80JCS(P1)1607〉. .