The first thing you need to know about Vimeo`s terms is that whether you`re a registered user or just watching a Vimeo video embedded on a random site, Vimeo`s terms apply to you. The same goes for accessing Vimeo content on a mobile device. License for Programs: Subject to the terms of this Agreement, you have the right to stream and/or download (if you offer it) for your personal entertainment purposes: (i) programs that you have rented during the specified rental period; (ii) the programs you have purchased; and (iii) programs provided in a channel to which you subscribe during your subscription period. First of all, I have to say that Vimeo`s terms are written in the simple, English style we like to see here at T&C. There is a jumbo of avocado mombo inside – but the minimum possible. In other words, if you take the time to read the 3000 or so words here, you could probably understand what he is saying. (But we all know you wouldn`t do it anyway.) Refunds: Vimeo offers two paid service levels: Plus and Pro. Plus accounts get increased storage space from 500 MB to 5 GB. Pro users will receive 50GB of space per week as well as a number of other benefits.

Both types of accounts cost money. You may not create or maintain an account if you are a member of a terrorist or hate group. You may not purchase software goods or services from us if you are located in (a) a country that is subject to a U.S. government embargo or considered a terrorist country by the U.S. government; or (b) are on a U.S. Government Restricted Party List. your content; Feedback: To the extent that you transmit content to Vimeo (z.B. on your profile, comment or forum), you grant Vimeo an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, free, permanent right, and a license to use, copy, adapt, transmit, broadcast, license and publicly broadcast and display such content in all media at any price. All submitted content must comply with the acceptable use guidelines set out in Section 6. If you make suggestions to Vimeo to improve our products or services, Vimeo may use your suggestions without compensation. Producer Applications: If you download a producer application that we control (an application) that is available on a third-party platform (z.B.

iOS, Roku): (i) you have the right to use this app for your personal, non-commercial use on devices authorized by the platform operator; (ii) Vimeo is responsible for the Applications and their content between Vimeo and the Platform Operator (but without obligation from Vimeo) and provides any warranty, assistance or indemnification with respect to the Applications provided by law; and (iii) the Platform Operator has the right to enforce the terms of this clause with respect to your use of the Application. Delimited Provisions: If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be construed in accordance with applicable law to best reflect the original intentions of the parties. and the other conditions remain in full force and effect. This Section 10 contains a binding arbitration agreement between you and Vimeo (the “Arbitration Agreement”). In this arbitration agreement, you agree: in order to make a purchase, you must specify a valid payment method. We may impose taxes, VAT included (VAT), on all fees. Prices and other conditions of purchase are subject to change. If a producer gives you free access to a program, that access is considered a “purchase” within the meaning of this Agreement. Contact Us: If you have any questions regarding support, please contact us at

You must send us all communications of a legal nature: as with any website or web service, Vimeo prohibits children under the age of 13 from using its service under the Children`s Online Privacy Protection Act. . . .