The essential rights and obligations of the usufruct are defined in Articles 1337 to 1348 of the Civil Code. Most of the rights are standard contracts (including the right of enjoyment during the rental period, the regular maintenance of the usufruct and the major works to be carried out by the owner of the land, etc.) and the parties may vary certain provisions of the Civil Code, unless this is contrary to public order. The usufruct is held in several or in common ownership as long as the property is not damaged or destroyed. The third civil interest of property is abuse (literally abuse), the right to sell what is owned, either through consumption or destruction (for example. B for profit), or by transfer to someone else (e.g.B. sale, exchange, gift). Someone who enjoys these three rights is the full owner. The duration of a usufruct right can take up to fifty years in Bahrain, unlike Musataha, which can last ninety-nine years. Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1789 that “the Earth – in usufruct – belongs to the living.” Jefferson`s metaphor means that people as a usufruct merchant have the right to use the Earth for their own good and profit from it.

Jefferson`s use of the word “living” is essential here: he declared that the usufructs of the world are those who are alive, past generations not dead. This idea would profoundly influence Jefferson during his life and make him recognize that the U.S. Constitution would be revised by future generations, and it was part of the reason why the Constitution contains a provision to amend his own amendment. [7] The law of the Philippines with respect to unused is defined primarily by Title VI of the Philippine Civil Code. While the Civil Code does not explicitly mention long-term leases, Dubai`s Law No. 7 of 2006 refers to long-term rental agreements that allow a foreigner to acquire a lease for real estate in a given territory for a maximum period of 99 years. These long leases must be registered in the cadastre as intellectual property rights. Real estate law defines the right of usufruct as a separatist property right that confers on the owner of the property the right to use and exploit the property or the real estate entity in accordance with its provisions and the law. Clayton County highlighted the terms of the agreement, which are consistent with the creation of a succession for years, such as the obligation to maintain Aldeasa insurance coverage and aldeasa`s prohibition on allowing possible pledge rights on the premises. .