Current data that employees see may not always match the data contained in an employer`s payroll software – z.B if you report information that will need to be corrected at your next salary event. If you leave an employee`s job and hand it over with the same salary ID under another ABN or branch within your group in the same normal pay cycle, the start date of re-use should not be reported. The procedure for clients who authorize their registered agent to act on their behalf for stP-lodgment purposes has been streamlined to prevent a return from being obtained every time there is a GfbV statement. The StP-Einsatzbeh-rde allows legitimate employers to make it available to their representative once a year instead of each wage event. Our webinar is suitable for all tax officers, low agents, accountants, payroll agents and individuals who perform a salary accounting function within a company. With payroll or accounting software that StP offers, employers can send us their employees` tax and supercomputer information every time they run their payroll and pay their employees. Payments to contractors should not be reported through stP (although payments to contracters related to the item may be reported through companies). Contractors managed under a payroll settlement system can be reported through stP; Contractors managed outside of a wage settlement system (for example. B on debts) should not be reported through the GfbV. On March 30, Matthew, an abc Pty Ltd employee, won a $1,000 commission.

On March 31, ABC Pty Ltd processed the Matthews Commission with a pay slip. AtO has collaborated with DSp to develop and develop a range of low-cost STP reporting solutions that will be available on the market from the beginning of 2019. These solutions are most appropriate for micro-employers (1 to 4 employees) who are accountable for stP, but who do not currently have salary settlement software. On 1 July 2018, the GfbD report was introduced for large employers (20 or more employees as of 1 April 2018). In the GfbR report, an ATO employer reports on their wages and salaries, payroll deduction and superannuation based on their salary cycle. Note: If an employer does not withhold or declare PAYG withholding amounts on GfbToren or activity extracts, new measures in the Treasury Amendment Laws (Black Economy Taskforce Measures No. 2) Act 2018 (adopted on November 29, 2018), will deny the employer a tax deduction for payment to the worker from July 1, 2019 (the measures also apply to contractors who benefit from the non-lowering deduction , but not within the framework of the GfbV). The denied deduction can be reinstated if the employer submits a voluntary disclosure to the ATO. Introduce a payslip and include these employees with zero pay, then the ATO receives its year-end figures correctly and you can agree to year-end salaries on June 30, 19.

If you declare a payment and deduction to a contractor under a voluntary agreement, you must report the holder`s ABN. The contractor`s NRS is not required. Die Berichterstattung `ber diese Zahlungen durch die Gfb0 ist freiwillig.