Stream2Sea Reef Safe Sunscreen for Body (SPF 30)


Stream2Sea Reef Safe Sunscreen for Body (SPF 30)

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Sunscreen is a major contributor to reef decline in areas frequented by tourists. The chemicals in sunscreen can contribute to coral mortality and disease. We encourage all our students to use only reef safe sunscreen, and have found that Stream2Sea is one of the leaders in the industry. This SPF 30 Sunscreen for body comes in a 3 Oz size.

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“Stream2Sea is a new line of eco-conscious, performance-driven sun and body care.  Our products were formulated for the active individual AND were tested to ensure they are safe not just for humans, but for our fish and our reefs.  Although there are a few brands that market themselves as “Reef Safe”, we are challenging that term, as it is neither regulated nor sufficient to protect our delicate reefs”

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