Holiday Research Starter Kit


A holiday package for any budding coral reef researcher



Everything a budding coral reef researcher needs to get started, including:

  • The Ecological Monoitoring Program Manual (3rd Edition), $30.00
    • Learn how to research and monitor coral reefs using a variety of methods and techniques. Includes protocols for fish, inverts, substrates, corals, coral diseases, coral bleaching, recruitment, photographic surveys, and much more.
  • Nudibranchs and Seaslugs of Koh Tao and the Surrounding Island’s, $29.00
    • Your guide the the ecology, anatomy, and taxonomy of tone of the world’s most ornate and charismatic organisms. Includes drawings, ID keys, and other resources that are useful no matter where in the world you are diving.
  • Conservation Diver Notebook, $14.50
    • Made on recycled paper, get all those observations and data down before you forget them from the dive
  • Photo/data collection card, $5.00
    • The perfect companion for any research diver, measure fragmetnts, document coral diseases, add reference for post-processing or analytics

A nearly $80 dollar package, now just $68.00