Ecological Monitoring Program Manual (3rd Edition)


The Ecological Monitoring Program, Indo Pacific (3rd Edition)

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The Ecological Monitoring Program (Indo-Pacific Version) is a course designed to provide divers in-depth knowledge on coral reef ecology and teach the skills necessary to perform scientific monitoring surveys. This manual includes everything you need to know about coral reef organisms, the ways in which they interact, and their importance to the ecosystem as a whole. The information included is relevant to reefs all over the globe, but takes a special focus on the reefs the Indo-Pacific, containing up to date information on their health and status. the third edition provides interesting reading for any diver, and essential for all dive leaders working in coral reefs.

Topics covered in this 3rd Edition include:

  •    Coral Reef Ecology and Coral Anatomy
  •    Reef Invertebrate Identification and Assessments
  •    Coral Reef Fish ID and Monitoring
  •    Coral Identification and Health Assessments
  •    Coral Taxonomy
  •    Coral Diseases
  •    Advanced Reef Monitoring Techniques
  •    And much more.

Printed version Published January 2019
By Chad Scott
Conservation Diver Foundation
ISBH: 978-1-7326925-0-3

Published January 2021
By Chad Scott
Conservation Diver Foundation
ISBN: 978-1-7326925-1-0

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