Coral Disease Identification and Monitoring Manual




The Coral Disease Identification and Monitoring Manual is designed to provide divers with in-depth knowledge of the various compromised health states that corals on the reef may display. Participants who complete this course will be aware of many of the causes of coral mortality, how to identify and describe coral diseases, and how to monitor them.

This manual covers compromised coral health states in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Regions of the globe. The knowledge and skills learned through completing the associated course will allow participants to record and monitor coral diseases and other health risks during reef surveys such as the Ecological Monitoring Program.

Topics included in this manual include:
• How to describe lesions and compromised health states in corals
• Basic terminology for describing coral diseases
• Coral disease pathology
• Coral predators
• Competition on the reef
• Bleaching, physical damage, and other threats to corals
• Diseases of the Indo-Pacific
• Conditions of the Atlantic/Caribbean Region
• Recording data on coral diseases


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