CD Crew Kit


Get everything you need in one pack and save 15% with the Conservation Diver Crew Kit

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The Conservation Diver Crew Kit includes everything you need to be a responsible student and visitor to the island. We try to encourage all our students to say no to plastic while on the island by refusing single use bags, water bottles, straws, or any other items which just end up in the land fill or in our oceans. The kit has a value of $80.00, but by ordering the Crew Kit you save 15% over ordering all the items individually. The pack includes:

  • Cotton Messenger Bag
  • BPA Free Collapsible Water Bottle
  • Recycled Lanyard
  • 16 GB Recycled USB Key
  • Recycled pill container (to keep your USB safe and dry)
  • Eco Notebook and Pen
  • Silicon Bracelet
  • Stream2Sea Reef safe Sunscreen for Body (SPF 30)