When Johann Heeler died twenty years after the arrival of his second marriage, there was a new conflict between his daughter and the second widowed woman. [23] 5The advantage of examining marriage contracts ordered by the authorities is that these documents, when filed for preservation, are accessible in large numbers and contain contracts of agricultural couples. Artisanal and commercial circles, as well as those whose financial means are low. Such contracts are sometimes even collected in separate minute books. But in cases where it is the responsibility of the couple who entered into the marriage to file a marriage contract with the court or city council, the density of sources depends on the extent to which it was a social norm. Indeed, we could also make oral agreements, or simply write the agreements in the presence of witnesses and keep them at home. Whether such documents had ever entered the archives, for example when they were part of personal estates, depended on the social status of the signatories and chance. Last but not least, the conclusion of a marriage contract before the courts or before the Council has also been costly. This means that, in this case, different legal cultures have had a significant impact on the availability of raw materials.

Colorado follows the majority view that marriage is a civil contract, since it is a current agreement to be husband and wife by verba de praesenti (with the words of the present), to assume all the rights and obligations of the warlike relationship, and that it is valid only if it is voluntarily entered into by parties able to do so, Entering into marriage. H and W`s statements about their intention, when they started living together, show that they agreed to be married the moment they started living together, even though they thought a wedding ceremony was going to take place at some point in the future. Under Colorado law, H and W entered into a valid marriage under the common law when they agreed to currently live together as husband and wife. W thus fulfils the conditions laid down in Article 216(1)(1) of the wife`s social security rights to benefits. 39The marriage contract between Anton Seebald and Ursula Schrafflin (n°.