The Adventures of Tua Pru

On the island of Koh Tao there was a small Shit zu-poodle named Tua Pru. This little guy had found Conservation Diver founder Chad Scott, and they immediately became inseparable. At the time, Chad was running the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program and Tua Pru always right by his side. An ocean loving dog who quickly became a de facto mascot for the program.

Building a whaleshark

Tua Pru loved to keep watch while the team was building artificial reefs or doing other land activities, but his main source of pleasure was swimming and helping to feed the sea turtles each night.

We always thought it was because of the fishy smell of the baby sea turtle’s dinner, but then started to suspect it may be something else. . . When it was time to release the sea turtles, Tua Pru would always want to come on the boat. It was as if he knew that the little friends he had watched over while they ate everyday were returning to their home. He knew he would never see them again, and wanted to wish them farewell and good luck.

an ocean loving dog releases a sea turtle

Then, in 2015 the unexpected happened When Tua Pru’s best friend, Chad, was diagnosed with blood cancer. The next four years would be a whirlwind of changes and emotions that would take Tua Pru away from his home and his ocean and move all the way around the world to the snowy mountains of Colorado.

and ocean loving dog in the snow

However, through all his journeys he never lost track of what was truly important in life. Family, friends, and the environment that sustains us. He is always right there by Chad’s side, protecting what he loves until he can get back to his ocean friends.

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