Subject to an existing contractual agreement between the parties to settle a dispute, the parties to the proceedings are not obliged to settle commercial disputes. However, it is clear from the Hong Kong Senior Practices Directorate that parties to proceedings before Hong Kong courts are expected to consider mediation as a means of resolving their dispute. The schedule questionnaire that parties must complete before a case moves into the negotiation phase requires legal representatives to confirm that they have explained to their clients the availability of mediation and the impact of the respective costs of mediation and litigation. Practice Direction 31 allows a court to impose cost penalties when it finds that the parties have inappropriately refused to attempt to mediate a dispute. The Mediation Mechanism for Investment Disputes will help strengthen the wider use of mediation in the settlement of cross-border disputes. A notable exception is disclosure for research, evaluation or educational purposes, without revealing or revealing, directly or indirectly, the identity of a person covered by the mediation communication (Article 8(3)(f)). The Hong Kong government appears to be making efforts to compile statistics on mediation. Mediation agreements can be implemented as a contractual agreement between the parties. In Hong Kong, there are no regulations that give them special status. In order to further promote the development of mediation in Hong Kong, the Minister of Justice established in 2012 a Steering Committee for Mediation (Steering Committee), composed of members from different sectors of the community, including lawyers, doctors, academics, administrators and social workers. Please click here for performance and Steering Committee membership. Under what circumstances can the mediation agreement be subject to judicial review? Can the Mediator be called to testify about the mediation or the alleged settlement? Admissibility of evidence mediation notices Does the commencement of mediation interrupt the limitation period for a judicial or arbitral application? Hong Kong, a legal services hub in the Asia-Pacific region, is home to many leading legal organizations in the field of mediation. .