(22) The licensee should be given a double key for the abovementioned approved premises. The master key to the above-mentioned main premises and licensed premises always remains at the licensor`s address. The licensee also agrees that his employee may not damage and/or manipulate the locks of the main buildings and licensed premises. I ask you to grant the person mentioned above, for a period of 11 months, the authorization to sublet* of leave and license* care base, the apartment*. In the event that it is necessary for me to extend the duration of the subletting*Leave and license*Custody base of the housing part, I will request an extension of the period well before the expiry of the initial period, with the corresponding justification of the extension of the period. This leave and license will begin from the date of the agreement and will remain valid for a period ___________months/ years from that date. Licensors and Licensees agree that Licensee may use and occupy the Premises under the permission of licensor and that licensee does not have or claim any rental or other right in the premises and is always construed as an authorized user as a mere license. The Licensee deposits Rs. ——– and maintains this amount in the form of a deposit / advance / money to be advanced for the respect and execution of this agreement with and to the Licensor. The licensee shall pay to the licensor the license fees of Rs. .

. .