3) The part of the learning agreement “after mobility” = Transscript of Records + Recognition form, issue aaa: once recognition is made The Learning Agreement should include all the learning outcomes the student is expected to acquire during the exchange. The Academic Office abroad (AAA) needs the Transscript of Records and the recognition form (Learning Agreement after mobility) fully signed in the form of a scan no later than the end of the semester following the stay abroad. The payment of your graduation rate is linked to the submission of your recognition form. The recognition form that replaces Table D of the learning agreement allows you to recognize your achievements at the JLU. This is based on your transcript of the records as well as the learning agreement before and, if applicable, the mobility due. On request, the conseil d`étude de médecine issues certificates of equivalence for studies carried out abroad. Please note that the recognition of studies from abroad is not automatic. Students must complete the application themselves and submit it to the relevant examination committee with the necessary information. For more information, consult the pages of the study secretariat.

The aim of the apprenticeship agreement is to prepare exchanges in a transparent and efficient manner in order to guarantee the recognition of prior learning obtained abroad. Éducational components not successfully completed abroad will not be recognized; the number of recognicable credits must be reduced and equivalent components deleted in order to adjust to this reduction. However, the student may choose to take an equivalent University at Ulm University for each component not sucessfully completed abroad after completion of the mobility period, in due time before finishing the degree. Subject matter and subject code: ERASMUS never asks what is the name of the study programmes where one is enrolled at the home or host university, as there is an almost infinite variety of programmes and names here. Instead, programs are classified into a discipline, themselves designated by a subject code. Please do not choose a fan code at your discretion. In some subjects, the assignment to the codes of the material is not clear. Instead, what is provided for in the corresponding exchange agreement with the host university is decisive.

Please consult the code of subjects that you validate in your Nominierungsbrief.In the Learning Agreement forms of the University of Ulm, there is here a drop-down menu in which are deposited only the subject codes and curricula relevant to the University of Ulm. Once the recognition procedure has been completed and the student secretariat has recorded the results, an expression of the level of the grades as well as a copy of the transcript of the recordings of the host university must be submitted to the International Office (erasmus (at)uni-ulm.de) This learning agreement: Before the Mobility should be concluded before the start of the mobility (i.e. .