In accordance with the previous requirements, the user agreement was only renewed until the original expiry date. The down payment and refinancing are now a long-term custody instrument. This section also requires the owner to respond to comments and provide those responses to the request in advance. HuD HQ`s Office of Asset Management will give them confirmation of the advance. If the project owner voluntarily meets the requirements set out in points V and VII of the Notice of Contract and has entered into a long-term use contract, the project will not be subject to contract marking after refinancing with insurance from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). If this is not the case, the project of a brand could be launched. The notice contains procedures for the advance payment of all direct loans under Section 202, those that require the agreement of the Secretary and those that do not, procedures for those who decide to enter into a long-term (20-year) user contract, and procedures for those who have Contracts under Section 8 who request further extensions and derogations of the mark from the contract. It replaces all the prior guidelines on down payment and refinancing. Section V of the Communication deals with the requirements for approval of the advance payment of debt 202 if the agreement of the DHH is required.

A major change is the requirement that a long-term user agreement, which extends affordability 20 years after the initial term of the mortgage, be signed and registered between the sponsor and HUD. In the previous requirements, the proceeds could only be spent on the current tenants of the property. For other projects benefiting from the proceeds of refinancing, a user agreement must be concluded for a minimum period of ten years beyond the closing date of the refinancing. Section XI of the Communication describes the requirements for the tenant`s participation in an advance payment and refinancing transaction, including notification to tenants of the upcoming advance and the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed plans. Approval of the advance request is interpreted as authorizing all proposed uses of the product, including social services such as group meals or service coordinators, which do not represent more than 15% of the cost of the help desk, unless the secretary waives the restriction of better serving the elderly. The request for renunciation should be part of the package of advances. Each owner must describe in detail how the loan revenues are used in the project from the advance of the loan balance, the remediation or upgrade costs and the revenues exceeding these costs. While the communication provides detailed instructions, there will always be questions on a deal-by-deal basis that you should ask when they appear. One of the ways to maintain exceptional rents is to refinance the mortgage without FHA insurance.. .

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