Help us to raise awareness about global issues related to over-fishing by pledging to not eat seafood for the entire month of June.

fish off my dish

Why swear off sea food for a month?

Although fish and other forms of seafood are a delicious and healthy part of many peoples diets, today the way we get fish on our plates is killing the ocean. Commercial fishing uses largely unselective and destructive practices that results in high rates of by-catch and marine debris. Here are a few facts about the fishing industry:

  • 40% of all the sea creatures caught are just dumped, dead, back into the sea as they are considered by catch. This adds up to 38 million tonnes of sea creatures killed each year for no economic purpose
  • The largest single source of plastic debris in the ocean is from fishing gear, at about 10% of the total marine plastics, or between 500 and 1 million tonnes per year.
  • Bottom Trawling releases about 1 billion tonnes of carbon per year, more than all air flights each year combined.
  • 25% of all seafood caught is through destructive bottom trawling methods
  • About 4,600 Sea turtles are killed every year by commercial fishing
Photo credit: Sirachai Arunrungstichi 2016

How will my pledge help?

Your pledge is important to help spread awareness and educate others about this issue. While not eating seafood for a month is not going to solve the problems facing our oceans, it shows your commitment to that solution. Others will see the steps you have taken, and some will read-up on your reasons why, helping to perpetuate the debate. Some of your friends might even take the pledge themselves, opening up their network of friends to the issue as well. In this way, each of us can take one small step towards change, and help support our oceans during June, the month that hosts World Ocean’s Day (June 8th).

How to get involved and get fish off my dish

It is easy to take the pledge to stop eating seafood for World Ocean’s Day and the month of June.

First: Sign the pledge

Click on the link above to go to the pledge page (takes less than a minute to sign-up)

Second: Join our Facebook page for updates

on our Facebook event page you will find more facts about issues facing our oceans, commercial fishing, and more ways to help.

Third: Spread the word

Let people know about your commitment by sharing the reasons why you personally decided to take this pledge. Make sure that you portray both factual and emotional reasons to encourage others to learn about and maybe even take the pledge themselves. Some ideas include:

  • Post your personal story on your favorite social media platform using the hashtags #FishOffMyDish and #WorldOceansDay2021
  • Use our template to add a badge to your FB profile pic
  • Create a short video on Youtube or TikTok explaining to others why you think this movement matters (be sure to mention the other way you are helping the ocean as well)
  • Write a blog or post about the issues of over fishing, as well as illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities
  • Donate money to support the oceans through World Ocean’s Day campaigns