In my experience, I don`t think it`s common, because results are typically what makes it possible to evaluate an employee. However, some employers attach more importance to communication, teamwork and cooperation, as this is a common performance issue for the new teleworker. Income taxes are usually applied based on where the work is done. When a worker works from home in a jurisdiction subject to income tax, an employer should generally comply. However, in the face of the pandemic, some public and local governments have waived tax requirements for workers forced to telework due to COVID-19. Employers should research the tax legislation in question in order to determine their specific obligations. If you are doing full-time telework in which you want to allow a partial WFH (1-2 days a week), what would be the best 2 days (e.g. Friday would probably not be very productive, but which days would be the most productive)? Is there any data we can use to make this decision? Some employers have found during this crisis that remote work can be a successful agreement and will consider continuing teleworking arrangements. However, without the need to work remotely under the American with Disabilities Act, employers are not required to allow telework.

Source: An employer can generally manage performance standards and expectations of workers who telework as would be the case for a non-teleworker. We believe that if we continue to allow full-time telework, we will lose what is important to our culture. Since we`ve been working since March, it`s hard to say that your job needs to be done in the office. How do we get our employees back to the office? What are our requirements for reimbursing our employees for internet and phone use, who now do all remote work? We want to avoid possible prosecution. I`m in California. If you have teleworkers in the same city and state as your head office, is your host office considered an office location or a workplace for pay slip purposes? I couldn`t find a resource specifically dedicated to best practices and telework scholarships. .