Armina scotti

A New species of Sea Slug – Found on Koh Tao

Biodiversity is one of the keys to a healthy ecosystem, and assessing biodiversity in a changing world is one of the top priories of scientists around the world, only then […]


Conservation Divers Discover Rare Coral on Koh Tao

Conservation Diver Trainer Pau Urgell recently made a pretty important discovery during an Ecological Monitoring Program survey – a rare species of soft coral that seemed to be making a […]

Future conservationists

Conservation Diver returns to the Philippines, April 2017

Conservation Divers Rahul Mehrotra and Spencer Arnold returned to the Philippines in 2017 to continue the research and ecological consultancy work from the initial assessment in 2016. The small and […]

Fanny of Seamarc documents coral belahcing in the Maldives

Conservation Diver in Toboso, Philippines, July 2016

Toboso is a rural area in the province of Negros Occidental with almost no prior marine habitat usage outside of fishing. In July of 2016, Conservation Diver Trainer Rahul Mehrotra […]

CD Trainer, Pau, teaches local children about coral reef restoration

Working with Island Livelihoods Institute and Corals Blue in the Maldives, May 2016

In May of 2016, Conservation Diver Trainers Pau Urgell and Kait Harris were invited by the Island Livelihood Institute to come and help with marine conservation projects and education in […]