The Fight for the Last of Life

Forward The reasons behind this latest electrified underwater sculpture installation The Fight for the Last of Life, deployed by Conservation Diver, Coral Aid and the NHRCP in Ao Leuk Bay […]


Operation Jairo Campaign: Nicaragua

Our sea turtle work in Nicaragua alongside Sea Shepherd for Operation Jario

A bottle of filters

Cigarette filters now the top source of marine debris

Cigarette butts are now the worlds leading source of marine debris, and they are killing our marine life.

How to Make Mooring Lines

Mooring lines are an essential tool used to save coral reefs from damage caused by anchors and boats. Mooring lines can be installed in any areas where boats visit frequently, […]

Corals Have Evolved to Eat Sea Slugs

Hard corals are generally thought of as autotrophs, or organisms which produce most of their own metabolic energy and contribute to the base of the food chain in the ecosystem. […]

Bleached nursery corals

Coral Fragging Should be Banned

Recently, there has been a great increase in conservation groups participating or dedicating their entire program to coral ‘fragging,’ or propagation, in order to increase the number of corals on […]

Our Newest Marine Conservation Trainer, Leon Haines

Congratulations to our newest marine conservation trainer, Leon Haines. Leon got his start in marine conservation in 2014 when he conducted an extended internship at the New Heaven Reef Conservation […]

Teaching the Deep Dive

One of a SCUBA divers most memorable training moments is often their first ‘deep dive’. The thrill and adrenaline of knowing that you will be going more than 18 meters […]

The Koh Tao Team Makes a New Nudibranch Discovery

A new discovery of a species of nudibranch was  recently described by our partners on Koh Tao, the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program. The previously undescribed species was first recorded […]

A New species of Sea Slug – Found on Koh Tao

Biodiversity is one of the keys to a healthy ecosystem, and assessing biodiversity in a changing world is one of the top priories of scientists around the world, only then […]