Coral Taxonomist

Becoming a Coral Taxonomist is an achievement level certification that only the most dedicated students will achieve. Once you have grasped the identification techniques in the Coral Taxonomy & Identification course, you will be applying these skills on a series of subsequent surveys and photo identification dives in order to harness abilities to correctly identify the genus of hard corals in that ecosystem. You can achieve Coral Taxonomist certification for each ecosystem have our training centers.


  • Be certified as an Advanced diver under a leading diving organization (PADI, SSI, RAID, etc) or an Open Water diver who has satisfactorily completed a buoyancy appraisal with a professional diver
  • Demonstrate proper diving ability at an advanced Level and be proficient in buoyancy and self-awareness
  • Be certified in our Ecological Monitoring Program and Coral Taxonomy & Identification course


  • Master the techniques required to diagnose coral genus through the use of coral anatomy and skeletal morphology
  • Be able to successfully identify 80%+ of the coral genus for the given ecosystem


  • Complete 3 subsequent monitoring surveys where your coral taxonomy success rate is 80% or higher

Course time dependant of the individual

Certification Card

Training Centers