Marine Conservation in the Azores

The Azores are a remote group of islands’ in the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,360 km west of Portugal. The islands are some of the more remote in the world, and are a hotspot for biodiversity. Teaming with life both on land and underwater, this is an ecologist’s dream destination. There are about 900,000 square km of marine reserves in the archipelago, and it is well-known for its whale populations.

Dive Azores has a long history of environmental action , primarily focused on sea turtles and cetaceans. In 2019, Conservation Diver Board member George Bevan initiated a collaboration with Dive Azores to bring Conservation Diver Certification courses to the island in hopes of improving the enviromental projects already in place there.. George had previously started Marine Conservation Nicaragua (now Azul Conservation) in 2017. In the Azores, he is working with several local partners and universities to develop new whale related monitoring and conservation programs, including citizen science projects. At Dive Azores, you can receive training and certification in a broad range of Conservation Diver Courses, volunteer, or enroll in an internship.

What We Offer

Our primary focus is on whale identification and population monitoring, however we also offer other Conservation Diver Courses, and are happy to create a tailored program for you, or your group.

When To Come

Whale Research Season is April-September of each year, and we offer conservation diving courses from June-September.

Book a Course

Course at Dive Azores will begin in April of 2020. To get more information about this program you can contact George Bevan at