Marriage contracts are legally binding documents that create and protect the property rights of spouses and may also relate to spousal pension and other matters. Indeed, many of the provisions of a marriage contract only take effect if a couple divorces, marriage contracts or “prenups” are a little controversial. However, studies show that the popularity of prenups has increased, especially among the millennial generation. Marriage contracts offer a number of benefits, but they may not be suitable for all engaged couples. Facilitates divorce rules. A marriage contract can help avoid longer court proceedings that result in the period of expensive divorce lawyers, as the expectations of both partners are clear. Below is a list of the advantages – and potential disadvantages – of marriage contracts and when they might be useful. Is a prenup what you need? That`s the only thing you can say for sure. Maybe that is a trap. Marriage contracts can be a trap for some people. In some cases, they can be a tool to control the partner entering the relationship with fewer assets. Ken came to LegalMatch in January 2002.

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